“While there are more and more images everywhere around us, paradoxically, we perceive the increasing devaluation of this beautiful language every day. It is in this context that we are seeking to demonstrate, emphatically and convincingly, the importance of visual culture and the dignity of the image to the coming generation of filmmakers. Our aspiration is to educate mature filmmakers who think responsibly, with the spirit of humanism, artists who have an individual outlook, an individual form of expression and who use their creative powers in the defence of the dignity of man within the reality that surrounds us. Probing questions concerning our outlook on the world and the state of our civilization must impact the work of the new programme of doctoral studies in Sarajevo."

Bela Tarr

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The Film Factory programme, within the Sarajevo Film Academy of the University Sarajevo School of Science and Technology,  was developed by one of the most prominent filmmakers of today, the Hungarian director Bela Tarr, in cooperation with leading international film artists, with the aspiration to contribute their knowledge and experience towards the creation of a new global art movement through a comprehensive  educational programme serving a new generation of filmmakers.